Thank you for visiting my website! 

This is me, trying to 'expand my online presence' as an academic. 

I am currently a PhD candidate in Political Science at Boston University. I major in Comparative Politics and International Relations. 

Having grown up in Mauritania, a beautifully vast yet solemn country in West Africa, before going to South Korea for university, I wanted the work I would be focusing on for the rest of my life to somehow lead me back to my ‘homeland’. I therefore chose to delve into African politics when I joined Boston University, which boasts a vibrant and diverse African Studies community.

More specifically, my research focuses on the effects of the Gender Parity Law (also known as the Law on Absolute Parity (Loi sur la parité absolue - LPA) in Senegal. Otherwise, I am broadly interested in issues related to Gender, Feminism, Women’s Political and Social Participation, Religion and Politics, Civil Society, and Race. 

As part of my fellowship at BU, I have TA-ed and taught various classes: Intro to IR, Human Rights in Africa, and College Writing. I believe teaching to be my true academic passion and hope to pursue my career in it some day.